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Daming Steel

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Guangdong DaMing Steel industrial co., LTD., Founded in 2000, has been engaged in steel reinf orced concrete with hot rolled ribbed steel production and sales. Company has issued by the general administration of quality supervision , inspection and quarantine certificate according to the "national industrial products production license" , advanced quality inspection system and equipment, have according to the national standards for detection of reinforced concrete with hot-rolled ribbed steel bar. Specializing in the production of HRB400,HRB400Eφ10~φ28mm rebar and HPB300 HRB400 φ6~φ12 mm high speed wire rod. Implement a series of major progress and a chieve develo pment by leaps and bounds, the main equipment to achieve the large-scale and modernization,among the international advanced level, the technology industry to get to higher levels.the company existing morethan the international advanced level of rolling production line, annual production capacity of 1.8 million tons.

Company is very strict with product quality, to the 'quality is the enterprise life' the words of wisdom have deep understanding, always put product quality first, strictly the quality pass, and in 2003 passed the IS09001 quality system certification. Products are mainly sold to south hina regions,highly trusted by the consumers, sales increased year by year, economic benefits continues to grow, to make duecontribution for local economic and social development,corporate reputation and product marketinfluence is growing. Company access to 'brand-name products in guangdong province' , 'guangdong famous trademark' and other glorious title .

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